James Walker - (916) 367-2162

Performed in over 1000 events. Relaxed friendly attitude. Focused attention on the groove appropriate for the music. Always prepared to play songs note-for-note.  They were already produced once, right? I can read chord charts, numbers, and notation. Comfortable with improvisation and key changes on the fly. I practice regularly for smooth "chops" at my home in Napa, California. I also am a lifetime keyboard player. Currently I've got an Ableton rig with Omnisphere, Native Instruments, and lots of keys sounds. 

Live and recording experience.  New Americana, rock, gospel,  alt-rock, top-40, classic rock, R&B, latin, funk, pop, country, contemporary Christian, reggae, and fusion jazz-rock.

Basses include Fodera 5 String and NS Design EU5 electric upright.  Aguilar Amplifier and multiple Aguilar cabinets to go from small to big stages.  Sensaphonic 2XS in-ear-monitors.  I transport gear locally in professional cases in my SUV.  Necessary gear can travel in flight cases.  For studio work I use a Universal Audio Apollo loaded with nice plugins.

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Petty Rocks   Sachmo's Ghost

Sail The World (Bass & Keys) - David Ronconi
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Love Will Come Around - Morgan Taylor Reid
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Neil Diamond Tribute Band - Full Chart Notation
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Hideout - Morgan Taylor Reid
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True Intentions - Morgan Taylor Reid
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Living Hope - Jeff Lovett
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LoveTrain Pop Band Demo - Various
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God Is My Refuge (Live) - Audra Lynn
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Cool Threads With Lovetrain